What if? (A Continual Musing on Memory Loss)

February 21, 2010 — Leave a comment

This might sound a bit silly and a touch absurd but I’ve been thinking a lot about the possibility of losing all of the digital data I’ve been collecting since 1999.  Since I place way too much faith in technology and also due to my own idiocy, I back up nothing.  (Got a nice 500 GB external hard drive. In a dusty box).  I don’t trek to big box retailers to buy hard copies of films or new music anymore either.  I mean, after all,  it’s much more convenient to click than walk, drive, or shift weight of any kind.

So, I’m thinking that if there was some sort of large crash and all the data that keeps me current, hard edged, and hipper than thou was erased along with my collegiate creative output and floppies worth of Neutral Milk Hotel rarities, maybe my current state of being would evaporate with it.  And if that unfortunate and horrifying incident were to happen, I would be out an unimaginative amount of green.  But I’m also wondering if, I, along with the rest of the compact discs and cassettes tossed away in  my parent’s basement, would become a relic.  Would I, momentarily at least, be stuck in a pre new millennium world?  Held up in a perpetual “Groundhog Day” where I’d rise to, instead of “I’ve Got You Babe,” “Crush” from The Dave Matthews Band’s mediocre smash, Before These Crowded Streets.

At least I’d have Ok Computer. That, and I’d be able to introduce Kid A to virgin ears again.

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