About Me

Author: Tony

Simply put – I like to believe that if you can’t spend every minute doing something you enjoy – than hopefully the minutes you aren’t are spent building towards some sort of happiness.

Having spent too much time beating my head against walls in rooms that I didn’t belong in – I today realized that this one long gasp that we get is too short to do things that suck.

I’m not perfect and I’ve failed a ton. But honestly – I’m going to fail a lot more. A lot more. But instead of focusing on what will fail and how devastating those failures will be, strength, experience, and (hopefully) fulfillment will be exhaled.

I appreciate Fall and Winter, long runs, short walks through record store aisles, and Phish tours.

I’ve written a lot of stories that are 77 Words.

Like this one.

It’s not that I want writing to be a restrained activity.

I just feel that sometimes it’s important to limit yourself,

test your will power and ability.

To be contained.

Breaking the restraints is much more fun.

If you’d like to get in touch — > say hi 

2 responses to About Me


    Nice blog. Found you randomly via your random observations on “The Phish” @ UIC.

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