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Rising prices for concert tickets is kind of a no brainer for artists.  The fact that it has become incredibly easy to freely acquire or ‘steal’ albums and hence decrease sales, offers an easy out when asked as to why the ticket price for their shows has increased by up to 40% in the past two years.  That is understandable.  However, I suggest that people will stop going to see you’re expensive show if you don’t switch things up a bit.

Surely not many in this economical climate have the extra money lying around to see the exact same set that you played in our city last winter.  Right. You are a great band with a great catalogue of music that plays your songs perfectly but please, change more than three songs on your setlist if you’re going to charge me $60-100 after I just paid $40-70 last year.

There are certain bands that I’ve expressed my love for on this blog that I will skip the next time they come around because the set will be EXACTLY the same with the possibility of a few new songs mixed in.  They won’t stretch them out and they won’t dip into their rarities……. I could only imagine that it would get incredibly boring to play the same songs night in and night out.

It sounds kind of weird but bands playing the same amazing show has gotten a bit old.  Each time they’re great and flawless but there’s no suspense.  No surprise.  Each show will be as good as the last but it won’t be any different.  You know exactly what you’re going to get and it’s hard to get excited about that.

In this case, for me, absence makes the heart grow fonder.   So, maybe wait a bit longer before you come back.  Play a smaller more intimate venue the next time you’re here.  Shit, talk a little.  I’ve been to plenty of shows that were made memorable by stage banter.

I think there has been some effort by the way of justifying the hike.  Springsteen and others have played full albums to break up the normalcy of their  sets; Tom Petty ticket prices included a copy of his latest album; starting in fall all Phish tickets will include an MP3 download of the show you attended.  While these bands are leading the way by explaining the reasons it costs so much to see them, is it enough?

PS: if bands have any control over any of this, see what you can do about lowering the price of a beer at these corporate sponsored amphitheaters and arenas.  $9 for a 12oz can of Fat Tire is almost as absurd as $13 for 24oz can of Coors Light.