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During my first couple years of college I had a 20 inch television that got about 9 channels. I lived on Jamba Juice and Ramen. I watched Jeopardy, a ton of Cosby Show reruns, and at least four episodes of The Simpsons per night. I’d also scour PBS for new and old episodes of Sessions at West 54th and Austin City Limits. This particular video from Beck’s performance on ACL, a cover Hank Williams Sr.’s “Lonesome Whistle,” really sticks out. Sea Change had recently obliterated my mind (still does) and well, I love hillbilly music. You should too. T//

UPDATE: YouTube pulled the ACL version of Beck doing the song and now all we’re left with the below performance. It’s still good IMO, just not as polished.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the birth of one of my personal heroes, Warner Bros., Elvis Presley Enterprises and NCM Fathom are theatrically rereleasing  the 1972 tour documentary “Elvis On Tour.”  For one night only, July 29th, hit the theater and get to know the man who made women cry and wannabes curl their lip.  You might also learn some stage presence via karate chops and visualizing the proper way to wear a sequined jump suit.  Check the trailer below and another featuring one of the greatest EP mentions in film history.