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This song has been swimming around in my head for a while. It’s Ultimately sad. Extremely visual. And terribly beautiful.

I remember the day/week(?) this record-Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois-came out. I spent the morning waiting to get my hand stamped for free admission to that night’s Pixies show at Summerfest and the rest of the day putting miles on my Volkswagen looking for a CD that was supposed to have been pulled from the shelves due to a Superman graphic on the cover. Apparently you’re not allowed to use images of the man of steel without express permission from the man of the steel himself. Good fuckin’ luck, right?

Well, after about nine record stores, including my favorite place to kill a day-Atomic Records (R.I.P) who actually had it but wanted $60 for it-I finally managed to get my cigarette stained fingers on it thanks to…(trumpets)…Borders. The case was cracked and I nearly ran out of gas, but June 25, 2005 was a pretty stellar day. I scored a treasure that’s God knows where, still in cellophane, and the Pixies opened their set with “Debaser.” T//

One of my all time favorite scenes from The Royal Tenenbaums. Enjoy.

I blew out both of the front speakers in my 87 Celica with repeated listens to this exact version of this song. “The Plan,” taken from Built to Spill’s performance on an episode of HBO’s Reverb that also featured Pavement, leads me believe that there is more to Idaho than just potatoes and blue turf. I mean, with these boys being from Boise, there’s got to be.

I’ve long been infatuated with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Charlie Kaufman’s probable and mindful masterpiece. There’s just something about it. I’m constantly amazed by how the far fetched or unbelievable aspects of the film become the complete opposite by the final scene. I mean, do you not believe that someone could be erased from your memory by the end?

With that, I’ve also been insanely jazzed on Beck’s cover of The Korgis song, “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime,” that kicks off the end credits. Honestly, I can’t think of a song that better fits the tone and mood at the close of any film than this.

While I almost prefer the final scene that bleeds  into the credit text, this montage that melds the film and song together works really well at achieving that same ‘warm/empty’ feeling. Enjoy. For the 3,375, 147 time.

Phosphorescent’s Here’s to Taking it Easy is undoubtedly one of my favorite records of this year. Their early August performance at Mad Planet, after The National’s gig at The Riverside, is clearly in the running for top show of 2010 as well.

If you’re unfamiliar, check out Matt Houck and the fully horned Phosphorescent performing “It’s Hard to be Humble (When You’re From Alabama) on Letterman.

Payment Plans?

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“I know what you ordered; I was there.”  Hilarious.

Greetings, Dunph….

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This clip is real laugh igniter.  When I was about 18, I recorded the audio from this scene on a small tape recorder and took it everywhere with me.  I used it mostly to make me and friends laugh but it sure was a hit in quiet libraries and banks.  “Eat shit, man.”

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the birth of one of my personal heroes, Warner Bros., Elvis Presley Enterprises and NCM Fathom are theatrically rereleasing  the 1972 tour documentary “Elvis On Tour.”  For one night only, July 29th, hit the theater and get to know the man who made women cry and wannabes curl their lip.  You might also learn some stage presence via karate chops and visualizing the proper way to wear a sequined jump suit.  Check the trailer below and another featuring one of the greatest EP mentions in film history.

It’s been a long week and again, it’s only effin’ Wednesday.  Helping keep my eyes on the prize is a jam packed weekend with some great folks.  With two Strand of Oaks shows, a meeting with the Seizure Chicken family, and the promise of Pavement at the end of it all I’m sure to be one tired dude on Monday.  This week my spirits are also kept up by this: