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77 Words 11-20-11

November 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

Up a cold and stormy street we glided to buy Canadian cigarettes.

For a millisecond I convinced myself that Canadian tobacco, or the obscurity of it in our small town was the way to break ice and shatter barriers.

You loaned me $.25 to cover a portion of the damage and insisted I use your lighter to fulfill the remainder of your contribution.

On our way back our coats sleeves pendulum swinging against each other created static electricity.

77 Words (11-14-11)

November 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

A friend once told me that if I ever came into his apartment and Radiohead’s “The National Anthem” was playing at an excruciatingly loud volume, it would be in my best interest to find him immediately.

And that’s where he left the conversation.

My mind went to question whether or not he could be hurting himself, hurting someone else, or if he was having a really good time and simply wanted someone to share it with.


77 Words (11-9-11)

November 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

We sat outside while the smell of patchouli manifested throughout the interior.

Cigarette smoke snaked around our shapes as Van Morrison managed to move about our inner most thoughts.

Not a word was spoke.

We stood mesmerized by  interstellar happenings and the daily bullshit that managed to keep us involved and intertwined.

Until you-Like a junky-managed to make sense of the inconsistencies of my slurred speech and helped while I fumbled to find words that met your intellect.

You Should Know!

Best Concerts I’ve seen (based on music and sentimentality)

1. Underworld – Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL 4-26-99

2. Phish – Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN 7-11-00

3. U2 – Camp Randall, Madison, WI 6-25-97

4. Radiohead – Grant Part, Chicago, IL  8-01-01

5. Pearl Jam – Alpine Valley, East Troy 10-08-00

6. My Morning Jacket – Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN 6-16-06

7. Ween – The Rave Basement, Milwaukee, WI 5-14-00

Honorable Mention: Pearl Jam – Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 6-26 &27-98

What tops your list?

77 Words (Lost Time)

October 8, 2011 — Leave a comment

It’s funny. Your destroyed shrine lays in bits and pieces next to what used to be a garden. The remnants rest on top of the soil like seeds that would create life if they could only penetrate the earth, but now they’re cracked, empty, and dreamless.

It’s funny; watching the shards shake in the wind. They dance to invisible pianos as morning dew settles and there is no one to watch. One day they’ll all be gone.

Lights come on, illuminating fractures and imperfections in your foundation that you knew were recessing. The small structural impurities that didn’t threaten the integrity or sustainability before have started to allow harmful agents through the cracks. Sure, while the resting light hides and helps these problems stay out of view, you will not be able to reside here for very long. It will soon deteriorate and become so dilapidated that it will eventually collapse and kill you.

This weekend nostalgia will rush through my senses as Pearl Jam plays their 20th anniversary celebration at Alpine Valley. While they have visited the storied venue of my home state since 2000 and I have seen them since, the last day that I saw them there was that memorable cold October night that Eddie Vedder dubbed the Ice Bowl.

I’ll save the stories about being there for my friend Shawn’s(who I talk to way too little these days) bachelor party, the flask of whiskey that we handed around to cut the terrible nip in the air, and the most fun I’ve ever had dancing around on the top of that treacherous hill for another time. But I’ll leave you with this video for the only thing I absolutely MUST here with the hopes that Eddie and the boys will play this, like they did on October 8, 2000, so I can take a trip back to one of the most memorable nights of my life.

Sidenote: I’ve got some great bootlegs and some great bootlegs that everyone knows about. But the CD from this night is my favorite. There was some great banter and I can still see the Eddie’s breath in the cold air when I listen to it.

At Alpine the words were changed to:

“Gotta car.  Got some gas. Oh let’s get the fuck outta here…go somewhere warm and fast”

I’ve encountered the word hipster a ton today. It came up in a conversation at work, was mentioned in a gChat, discussed at length in a text message, and I got a hilarious email that made me aware of I have no idea what sparked the influx of conversation regarding the virus, but I do know that the overall verdict on my own chances of being bitten are impossible. As it turns out, my West Allis roots and the fact that I like and listen to Phish make me absolutely immune.

Who would’ve thought that being from the W A would end up making me bulletproof in this regard?

Sidenote: The topic of hipsters came up the previous night while a good friend and I played basketball by the freeway. We talked about the late 90s and consumerism and strung out kids with tattoos that were much scarier but much cooler than what we consider hipsters. Really trying to track the origin of hipsters can’t be as easy as a Pabst ad campaign targeted at Portland bike messengers or the cheap price of striped tank tops for dudes, can it?

Sometimes I’m afraid that tears of joy of will meld with throat blood when I’m singing along to Tom Waits songs. Or that people will see me doing this exact same routine while listening to Otis Redding in my car. I’m actually quite paranoid about it.

While I’m thinking about Otis Redding, I just did a search for “Dinger” and “Otis Redding” on YouTube and came up empty handed. There’s a scene in Dream a Little Dream where Corey Haim (Dinger) kinda dances around to “(I’ve Got) Dreams to Remember” that I was hoping to post as the video of the day. After I couldn’t find that, I thought, well, YouTube should surely have the “Into the Mystic” sequence from Dream a Little Dream but, I was wrong again.

To sum this up rather nicely, I’m basically saying that you should watch Dream a Little Dream as soon as possible. I just today figured out that the sole reason that I first came to know REM, Otis Redding and Van Morrison is because of a movie starring the Coreys. There’s also a pretty good scene with Sinatra’s “Young at Heart.” For a moment I thought that I attained most of my musical taste from the movie. That was of course until I thought of Michael Damian’s “Rock On.”

Peep the trailer…


July 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

He started to get really profound.

He said that one chance at life meant getting the most out of it.

He said that the past was behind him and life was meant to be the way that it is.

I said very little.

Tear stains on my collar.

He said that being indecisive and uncertain are two terrible things to be.

He said that being uncertain and indecisive disallows people from being able to attack the things they want….

I nodded like I knew, but I didn’t.