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Oh, when I was 17-

My mother said to me:

Don’t stop imagining 

The day that you do is the day that you die. 

At least God doesn’t judge me by the thoughts that I find. 

The snakes I couldn’t find,

I don’t want to find. 

Song of the Day!

October 8, 2011 — Leave a comment

At Avett Bros. shows the crowd can get a little douchey about the seriousness of the song but….this song always brings a few tears. Kind of fitting for my gloomy mood today. Enjoy!

This unbelievable song was one of the only saving graces on a movie soundtrack that was made up of collaborations between hip hop artists and rock groups. The movie was “Judgment Night” and I’m willing to bet that most people born after 1993 have never seen it. That most likely means that most people born after 1993 have never heard De La Soul’s amazing meet up with Teenage Fanclub, “Fallin.'”

Sidenote: Spotify has the soundtrack and I tested this theory, the one that no one still considered young knows this, and I was right. Oh, and while the rest of the album is terrible, the movie isn’t half bad. Have a great Sunday!

There are few things in this world that make me laugh with joy like a little kid. You know when little tears well up in the corner of your eye but fail to move any further? Elvis is one those things and this raw footage of a 1972 rehearsal for “Burning Love” did just that. My appreciation for late era King continues to grow and the playing and vocals of this version of the song are a great example of why that it is.

Sidenote: My friend Kevin and I used to randomly sing parts of this song when we’d pass each other at work. His favorite: “it’s getting closer, the flames are now licking my body,” and of course the high pitched “girl, girl, girl (oooh, oooh, oooh)” part. He was cool like that.

I reviewed my life affirming experience at The War on Drugs show for Seizure Chicken and haven’t been able to escape the spell that the night put on me. After posting this, the lead track off their first record Wagonwheel Blues, I’m going to slowly walk away and make an attempt to put my brain back together.

Sidenote: Wagonwheel Blues was one of the last pieces of vinyl that I ever bought at Atomic Records (along with Weather Report’s Black Market, 2 rare White Stripes 7 inches and EPMD’s Strictly Business). I don’t quite remember how much buzz there was floating around about The War on Drugs, but I do remember that I liked the record cover and the price.

Enjoy this fan made video for “Arms Like Boulders.”

Song of the Day!

August 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

I owe this one to WMSE, our great local Milwaukee radio station, again! Heading to see The War on Drugs Saturday night, this song came floating out of my car speakers as I crossed the Hoan Bridge. In a world and with a brain so infiltrated with noise, Furry Lewis’ “Billy Lyons & Stack O’Lee” was a breath of fresh air and a great musical start to what was just up ahead. Enjoy!

Songs of the Day!

August 27, 2011 — Leave a comment

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Jarmels “A Little Bit of Soap” and was reminded of that when I caught it on WMSE on the way home the other night right after Jackie Wilson’s “Lonely Teardrops.” It was possibly the best 1-2 combo of songs that I’ve ever encountered on a commute. Thanks for making it awesome. MSE! Have a great Saturday!

These songs were made for crowded porches in college neighborhoods in the mid nineties. And they were made for kids  that were drunk on jungle juice that were also a tad challenged on the guitar. We used to belt out these Jayhawks classics with little concern for noise pollution citations and even less concern for being underage. These songs are exactly why I love singalongs. Enjoy!


I love this song. I love Darlene Love’s original and I love every single cover that I’ve ever heard. Maybe. Regardless, I’ve got mad love for this song.

“What Ever Happened” is the lead off track and one of of my favorites from the second album from The Strokes, Room On Fire. It’s musically explosive, thought provokingly lyrical and Julian Casablancas’s lazy delivery never fails to tug on my ear. Enjoy.