Eliminate Dairy Day 2

April 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

I definitely won’t be posting everyday about my personal, no reason but because I eat too much cheese challenge to eliminate dairy from my diet but figured it wouldn’t be too douchey to post an update after the first two days.

The verdict: I gotta say that minus the one close call with a Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Kind bar (it stupidly contains milk powder), I haven’t had too hard of a time. From my very limited vantage point and short time in the dairy-free game – it seems that there are a reasonable amount of options for everyday foods for those that can’t or choose not to eat dairy.

Yesterday and today I had yogurt made with almond milk – not bad – the consistency was a little strange but it was a fair substitue.

I’ve switched from Brummel and Brown Yogurt Spread to Smart Balance and it’s good.

I also had some Almond Milk pudding and am excited to try coconut ice cream.

My friend Sammi is a great resource as is everything she puts up at Dairy-Free State. But if you’ve ever tried going dairy free and have some tips – let me know.

I’m assuming that it will only get harder but … so far so good.

Two days in and still smiling.


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