Taking a Break from Dairy (queen)

April 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

“Hey Tony, what you doing for lunch today?”

“Dominating a grilled cheese at any one of the 43 places near here that will put as much cheese as possible on bread and smother it with honey mustard. ”

“Oh, cool. I’lll grab a salad.”

This is one reason that I’m taking a break from dairy. I eat too much of it. I rely on it. It’s a comfort zone that’s not healthy in the quantities in which i ingest it and it’s a crutch that prevents me from eating foods that are a lot better for me.

It also makes me feel a little off. Nearly every morning I eat a greek yogurt. After I eat that yogurt I feel in between not great and terrible. It goes away after a short time but … it’s stil not a desirable feeling.

And lastly, my friend Joel wrote this blog post on eliminating dairy and wheat from your diet which is another motivating factor.

The plan for now is to eliminate dairy (not vegan, as I’ll still eat eggs) for a month to see if I feel any better. If I don’t, I’ll decide how much I miss it. I find it hard to believe that I’ll never eat a piece of cheese again or have a glass of chocolate milk or worse yet – have a Blizzard on a hot summer day but, we’ll see.

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