A List: The 7 Best Concerts I’ve Seen

October 8, 2011 — 3 Comments

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Best Concerts I’ve seen (based on music and sentimentality)

1. Underworld – Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL 4-26-99

2. Phish – Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN 7-11-00

3. U2 – Camp Randall, Madison, WI 6-25-97

4. Radiohead – Grant Part, Chicago, IL  8-01-01

5. Pearl Jam – Alpine Valley, East Troy 10-08-00

6. My Morning Jacket – Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN 6-16-06

7. Ween – The Rave Basement, Milwaukee, WI 5-14-00

Honorable Mention: Pearl Jam – Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 6-26 &27-98

What tops your list?

3 responses to A List: The 7 Best Concerts I’ve Seen


    Wow, I knew we had somewhat similar tastes, but…

    U2, United Center 5/16/01
    Radiohead, Bonnaroo 6/17/06
    Phish, Dane County Coliseum 10/24/95
    Secret Chiefs 3, Empty Bottle 9/17/11
    Nirvana, Mecca 10/26/93
    Lake Trout, Cactus Club 4/17/04
    Animal Collective, Logan Square Auditorium 2/25/06
    Pearl Jam, Alpine Valley 6/21/03
    Screeching Weasel, U-Rock 10/29/93
    Mogwai, Vic Theatre 5/31/01

    That was fun; haven’t done that in a while! No definitive order, limited to one show per band. I’d count the Radiohead, U2 and PJ ’98 shows you mention way high on my list as well! Wish I’d been at Deer Creek in ’00, what a sick show. And the Ice Bowl…I was a fool to miss that.


      Nice list, Cal! We really do have similar taste! Animal Collective in MKE just missed mine:) And was that Nirvana show with NIN?!
      That Radiohead Bonnarooo show was great too. Wondering if you caught MMJ from midnight to 3 the night before. Monster! Also, Creek ’00 made the list for so many reasons. That whole weekend was insane, but that show with the Moby Dick set and the amazing 2001… but the icing for me was the Chalkdust reprise/meter melody that came absolutely out of nowhere!

      Thanks for sharing, dude! Loved seeing your list!


    ‘Roo ’06 was my favorite ‘roo ever, even though I MISSED MMJ. We were kind of unprepared, dead tired even as Petty was playing, didn’t do any Friday late nighters, and of course heard ALL about how dumb we were the next morning. Thank GOD we caught Trey/Mike/Duo the next night.

    Nirvana was with Mudhoney and Jawbreaker, utter sickness through and through. I remember that entire day like it was yesterday, right down to the old lady who sold me the bootleg t-shirt after the show and listening to the Revolting Cocks on the drive home.

    Never made it to Deer Creek until Trey in ’02, sadly. 7/11/00 was probably one of the first dozen or so shows I downloaded from furthurnet (remember that???). Instrumental in turning me from fan to obsessed nutjob. Listened to that show constantly back in the day!

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