77 Words About Last Night (Into the Night)

September 23, 2011 — 2 Comments

No one got hurt. It was meaninglessly minor. She grabbed my throat, spit on the heavy set dude with the big shirt and insulted that Christian Bale look alike. We split and spilt beers with her outside. She borrowed your lighter; won you over with her crooked smile and crow’s feet. You said the beer tasted like coconut and cigarettes.

Then she fled.

Said she had a midnight tee time. We had a nowhere to be time.

2 responses to 77 Words About Last Night (Into the Night)


    Amazing how much of a story you told here in 78 words. I like the words split and spilt next to each other… and the Christian Bale lookalike. But my favorite part is the midnight tee time. Makes me wonder what that really means… intriguing!

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