I Hereby Declare September 1st: Hipster Day

September 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

I’ve encountered the word hipster a ton today. It came up in a conversation at work, was mentioned in a gChat, discussed at length in a text message, and I got a hilarious email that made me aware of unhappyhipsters.com. I have no idea what sparked the influx of conversation regarding the virus, but I do know that the overall verdict on my own chances of being bitten are impossible. As it turns out, my West Allis roots and the fact that I like and listen to Phish make me absolutely immune.

Who would’ve thought that being from the W A would end up making me bulletproof in this regard?

Sidenote: The topic of hipsters came up the previous night while a good friend and I played basketball by the freeway. We talked about the late 90s and consumerism and strung out kids with tattoos that were much scarier but much cooler than what we consider hipsters. Really trying to track the origin of hipsters can’t be as easy as a Pabst ad campaign targeted at Portland bike messengers or the cheap price of striped tank tops for dudes, can it?

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