Video of the Day | Duckie vs Otis

August 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

Sometimes I’m afraid that tears of joy of will meld with throat blood when I’m singing along to Tom Waits songs. Or that people will see me doing this exact same routine while listening to Otis Redding in my car. I’m actually quite paranoid about it.

While I’m thinking about Otis Redding, I just did a search for “Dinger” and “Otis Redding” on YouTube and came up empty handed. There’s a scene in Dream a Little Dream where Corey Haim (Dinger) kinda dances around to “(I’ve Got) Dreams to Remember” that I was hoping to post as the video of the day. After I couldn’t find that, I thought, well, YouTube should surely have the “Into the Mystic” sequence from Dream a Little Dream but, I was wrong again.

To sum this up rather nicely, I’m basically saying that you should watch Dream a Little Dream as soon as possible. I just today figured out that the sole reason that I first came to know REM, Otis Redding and Van Morrison is because of a movie starring the Coreys. There’s also a pretty good scene with Sinatra’s “Young at Heart.” For a moment I thought that I attained most of my musical taste from the movie. That was of course until I thought of Michael Damian’s “Rock On.”

Peep the trailer…

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