March 18, 2011 — Leave a comment

He said that he so wanted to knock his own teeth out that he would gnash them.

Hard. Often.

He said gnashing his teeth didn’t necessarily hurt as much as he wanted it to but his consistent gnashing was causing a couple of teeth to sharpen to uncomfortable but satisfying points.

He also said that he was afraid that when he died his memories would die too.

He was upset that no one would know what Christmas present meant the most.

No one would know which smiles on his friend’s and loved one’s faces were burned into the folds of his brain.

He said that he wasn’t sure why he wanted his memories to be eternal when he knew that he couldn’t be.

He thought that it may be because things remained perfect and pure in his memory.

He said the world was beginning to make his stomach wretch.

And that he loved his mom.

And also that he was done talking about it.

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