Do Yourself a Favor

March 6, 2009 — Leave a comment

Well, it’s Thursday night/Friday morning and I’m just getting in from a festive evening at the local watering hole.  Conversations ranged from the merits of Ford vs. GM to the quality and ambiguity implanted in Lou Reed’s musical output from the early Velvets to the present.  Sure other things were discussed like the growing paranoia that grips our society and forces us to triple check the dead bolt that keeps us cozy and warm in comparison to the carefree attitude of times past.   But these are merely highlights of an evening spent with yours truly.  Just think, this and more could all be yours if you decided to come to Burnhearts in Bay View any random Thursday night to listen to quality witticisms and ipod DJs that won’t make you wretch in pain (most of the time).  Thanks for reading folks. Let’s all feel alive today!

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