Stop Making Sense !?! Part 2

February 4, 2009 — 1 Comment

I still think it’s interesting to think about how one’s taste in music evolves over time. I suppose when you’re growing up and so into one band or a type of music, you tell yourself that you’ll never stop listening to and liking it/them. It’s like the last scene in “SLC Punk” when the child version of Matthew Lillard’s character sternly tells his friend that is trying to turn him onto a whole new scene, “C’mon man, Rush is a very good band.”

I remember when I was a kid, my mom would give me shit about liking Guns N Roses. I wanted this large wall hanging made out of silk with the Appetite for Destruction cover art inked on. She repeatedly refused to buy it for me, saying that this $50 tapestry would be in the basement within a year or worse yet – in the trash. Obviously I pleaded with her, telling her that GNR was the second coming and that if she did not comply she would have to face Axl’s wrath. But like my wonderful mother always does when I am in absolute NEED of something, she bought it for me. She said it was better than the belt buckle.

No idea where that bastard is today.

One response to Stop Making Sense !?! Part 2


    There is an NKOTB silk hanging at my parents house. It”s in the basement, on the door to what used to be the “play room” and is now my mothers “craft room”.

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